Friday, May 31, 2013

My Little Big Family

I'm putting together a bunch of posts on all the things I would LOVE to do around the house both inside and out - and boy are they getting me excited to sink my teeth in each and every project.  But as you may or may not know my life is super hectic with my full time career and the hubs and me chasing the girls around....

But wait, some of you may not know who the hubs and the girls are!!  So let me take a minute to tell you all about this little big family I call mine.

First up:

The Hubs AKA Haze or Hazer

This man is my rock.  He challenges me and encourages me and drives me up and down the wall we never ever fight……you know I’m lying right!  We are about to celebrate our SECOND anniversary in a couple of weeks and I find myself falling more and more in love with his unique rhythm every day.  On top of all those reasons, he is a big part of this blog behind the scenes.  I wouldn’t be able to do even a fraction of these projects without him!  

The Girlies AKA Emma/Emster and Sophie/Sophster

These girls are my LIFE.  They are 14 months old and while life has been more than challenging at times managing twins I honestly wouldn’t change anything – except maybe the fact that they STILL don’t sleep through the night.  They make me laugh and teach me new things about myself every day.  They have inspired me to be more patient and selfless.  I have to figure out ways to be more organized and efficient and that’s always a challenge no matter how many kids you have.

I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this wonderful family and I think that’s why it’s so important for me to make the place we live in so special and reflective of who we are.  I’ve spent so long trying to have my house look a certain way that I completely forgot to put a bit of me in it.  Now our house is at a place where we can start fresh.  Every one of our rooms (except for the nursery) will be painted and tweaked in some way to make the whole thing very us. 

So that is my mission to spend the next however many years making this place the best version of us it can be and have a little fun along the way as well.  Hopefully you will stick around and see how it all turns out!

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