Thursday, May 30, 2013

Oops, I did it again......

I decided to give this blogging thing one last try.  Why you ask after I have started and stopped so many times?  I’m not 100% sure….Good enough answer for ya?  Didn’t think so.  There is something inside me that keeps pulling me back to this.  I love the idea of being able to document some of the big events in my life.  But why share them with you?  

Well for starters my family is spread out over Canada and the US and they are about to get a little further away (here’s looking at you Jenny) and so I hope that they will take some time to pop by every now and again so they can see what Hubs and I are up to and how our girls are doing.

But more than that I know that there are a lot of people out there who want to make BIG changes to their houses and aren’t sure where to go.  I know I have struggled a lot because I think of these great ideas but I’m never really sure how much work is involved in say; knocking down a wall or building a deck.  And I think that as we tackle each project here at casa Waldman we learn a bit more and have some great tips to share for other DIYers.

Why now when there are so many other amazingly successful DIY blogs? Yah I'm talking to you John and Sherry, Dana and Jessie (who are just SOME of the amazeball bloggers that I stalk read every day).  Well, because I’m not trying to be them, or compete with them, but it sure will be nice to exist with them.  I first and foremost want to be able to share my life with my friends and family because it breaks my heart that I can’t have them over every day maybe this way the gap won’t feel so big!

What kinds of things will I share on this little ol’ blog of mine?  Well as I’ve said, I’ve got big ideas and I have an amazing husband who tries his best to make those dreams come true. I will document the brutal befores and the hopefully not so brutal afters of some of our favorite projects.  You will see some of the ways that I try and combat life as a working mother of twin girls while my husband tries to grow his business.  And while I may not be able to share every day or even twice a week – remember that working mother of twins bit I just said?? – I’m going to do my best to post regularly and about things that will hopefully keep even my mother interested ;)

But I'm warning you there will be bumps and bruises - mostly mine - and tears of both pain and joy.  While I get the hang of this thing my pictures may not be the greatest and my explanations may be a little all over the place but hey that’s me and I will do my best to learn and grow and I’m excited to do that with you.

So without dragging on and on and boring you right out of here on my very first post I want to thank you for stopping by and hopefully we will see you again here at rebecksterw!

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