Monday, June 10, 2013

A Room for the Kiddies

I'm almost too embarrassed to show you the before because it's BAD...seems to be a running trend in the before category on this blog.  I feel like it's a little warranted though because I have twins so while it's probably not justified at all I'm totally going to play that card.

There is a LONG story that goes along with this room.  I'm going to tell you this in an effort to melt your hearts before I show you the pictures.  You see long before we found out we were having twins we decided that this room was going to be the nursery. I scoured the net looking for inspiration (gosh I think this was at the beginning of my Pinterest addiction) and found boat loads of beautiful grey nurseries with stripes as an accent wall.  So off I went, painting the most beautiful stripes on the wall only to pull of the tape the day we found out we were having TWO bundles of joys instead of one.  crap. this room definitely wouldn't hold two cribs. I was so sad because I truly did love the room - and now I had to come up with a different room for the girls - which ended up being a happy accident.

So what did I do with the room?  Well after a year and a half it became our junk room guest room.  Nope it was just a junk room!

This was what you saw when you opened the door - you can see my pretty stripes and an attempt at some decorating hiding behind the mass amounts of clothes and kids toys.

I promise, I'm not a hoarder - although you would never believe me with these photos - we just ran out of space and time and well I guess when you are doing renovations in one room all that stuff gets moved somewhere else.  And what better place than an empty room with a door that closes.

I even put up some shelves because I do honestly want to get this room together!  

Lucky for you and with the power of the internet I can quickly avert your eyes from this catastrophe to what looks like the beginning of a wonderful toy room!!

I'm only showing you half the room at the moment because the other side still has a few piles but I was so excited to share this small step with you guys!

We have a LOT of work left to do.  Here is the run down of what I'd like to accomplish before the summer is out.

Add some art to the wall above the tv. maybe something like this or this?  Or I could DIY something with the girls like this?  There are so many options!!

I need to get some better storage options for toys and books and movies.  I'm digging pretty much this entire room over at iheartorganizing but those benches are amazing!

I'd love to get a rug to cover up the carpet - it's not so bad but eventually we are running hard wood through the upstairs so no point replacing the carpet just to replace it again later.

I need to get some new curtains - I love the pattern but I hate that they don't go down to the floor. Maybe I can add some fabric to the top and bottom to make them longer and save some moolah?

That's pretty much the short list of what we want to do in this space.  I already feel a million times lighter now that the girls have a dedicated place to play and I don't have to worry about picking up their toys every night - I can just close the door! 

So far the girls love it - it took them a bit to get used to, I don't think they liked us moving things around so much, but once they caught on to what was happening they were happy to help drag their toys up the stairs and find perfect spot for every. single. one. 

Anyone else find a new purpose for an old space that just wasn't working?

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