Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I was flipping through some photos tonight while my kids were in the yard playing with grandma and it got me thinking about how FAST kids grow up. 
I know people say this all the time but its true!! Parenting time is completely different from normal people time. Sometimes it zips by without warning and sometimes it's slow as molasses   

 It takes me forever to go anywhere now where before I could just fly out the door in the morning. Sometimes I miss that. But then I look at my girls and think this is so worth it. 

I can vaguely remember being able to eat an entire meal. Hot meal. Sometimes I miss that too. 

Sleep, I don't even know what a full nights sleep is. I REALLY miss that. 

But then I look at my girls and I know that it is worth it. Because my life has purpose and meaning. They are my greatest and biggest accomplishment. And so the food on the floor is worth it and the pinching and hitting are worth it because at the end of the day what I remember the most (no matter how hard the day has been) is that feeling of my baby girls' arms around my neck and their kisses i my checks. When I see them trying to communicate and their little brains working overtime. 

I made that. Well hubs helped. But we made two of the most perfect little girls. I couldn't be happier. 

But they are getting big fast. I can almost see them becoming teenagers before my eyes. I'm in for trouble that's for sure. So I keep telling them to slow down because I need my baby girls to stay cuddly and cute for as long as possible. 

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