Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Woot woot we sold it!!

I've got some news....And I'm probably more excited than I should be about it but regardless.....WE SOLD OUR COUCH!  picture me happy dancing Carlton style the minute the couple left our house and I tell you I'll be boogieing until this thing is officially out of my hair hands on Saturday.

Guys I've been trying to sell this couch for A WHILE but I always had this bad timing thing going on where I would put it on Kijiji like the same night that the Brick tent sale I had some kind of ESP but wasn't aware of it.  And you might be like big deal rebeckster (which by the way is exactly what the hubs said to me) but it is a big deal because we live in a pretty small town and there isn't a whole heck of a lot of places to buy furniture.  So when the Brick has a tent sale people don't want to buy a used couch for more than a new one no matter what kind of shape it's in.

And shes in REALLY good shape - like so good I'm feeling a little guilty selling it but it doesn't fit in our basement and it's not really our style anymore so out she goes.  I dropped the price a couple of times to try and get some bites but everyone tried to low ball me.  I'm all for getting a deal but NO you cannot ask me to take almost $300 less than I asked and expect me to drive 45 min to drop it off for you.  So I stuck to my guns and went with the idea that I don't NEED to sell the couch so I don't NEED to take the first offer.

Finally I got a respectable offer and since the couple was so nice we offered to deliver it.  So Saturday is the big day and I promise you I will not miss this beast.

What are we going to get in her place you might ask?  well I'm glad you did. the short answer is....nothing.  But that's only because I'm going to try and get the room totally cleared out so I can do some renovating and then once all that is done we can get back to the business that is buying a couch.  But that could be MONTHS and I know that I'm completely impatient so I have to assume you are as well so let me tell you what I'm thinking of getting.

This is the IKEA Kivik - isn't he pretty?   The colour is exactly what I'm looking for.  It's dark and  moody but could be sweetened up with some colourful pillows!  He's washable which is amazing when you have two cats and two 15 month olds.  What's even cooler about the Kivik is that is comes in different pieces so you can put a chaise and a sofa together (what you see above) or you could put together two chaises and a love seat!  Talk about options!! That means if we go to a bigger house we could always add a piece! Jessie at Cape 27 has this guy and from what I can tell she loves him! and I have to say I also kind of fell in love with him after seeing her living room.  One thing though, while I love his clean lines and low profile arms I worry that they probably won't be great for leaning against but maybe they would be better for laying on?

With that con in mind I turn to another option which is the IKEA Karlstad

This guy is pretty similar to the Kivik and only a teenie tiny bit more expensive. The arms are larger so there is definite curl-up potential.  He is still the same great dark grey colour that I'm craving in my life but I worry about his legs.  I think you can buy different ones or I could even DIY some darker options but what really worries me is the space between him and the floor - that's just screaming for toys to get lost!  This guy currently resides in the brand spankin' new house of John and Sherry over at Young House Love (one of my serious blog crushes)  You can read about how much they love him a year later here.  I feel like if they can love him with a dog and a daughter then i can't be too far off from loving him as well.

So we've got some pros and cons of each - and I haven't even touched on if they are comfortable or not because frankly it's been so long since I sat on them I can't remember.  But we are heading to IKEA on Saturday after we drop off the couch so I plan to be back on Monday with a full post on which one I liked better and maybe even a what we love/bought while we were there!

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